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 "When two hearts become one…"

worldwide patented and trademark registered design features a “ diamond heart” created out of two specially cut halves., by using advanced technology and precise manufacturing procedures, the company has been able to create a heart shape that offers perfect proportions and fiery brilliance. The meeting of two diamonds creates special cut; this gives the Royal-Heart® important advantages in its looks price and in accessibility.

The advantages of the complex heart cut: "the customer gets a diamond with ideal heart proportions and larger appearance. For example, a 1-carat Royal-Heart® has the show appearance of a 2.5-carat heart shape.

The combination is suitable for all types of settings and sets of heart can be creating very quickly. This gives us an advantage in making heart diamond bracelets and necklaces.    

The Royal-Heart® brand is now in its third year. When it launched in Hong Kong it created a stir. “The people in Hong Kong were amazed. There are other companies selling “hearts” out of different shapes, but none offer the quality or the brilliance of the Royal-Heart®,”
The Royal-Heart® manufactured in the company’s factory in Israel, we offers loose stones, as well as a specially created line of Royal-Heart® jewelry. The product is currently being market in cooperation with select jewelry companies in the Far East, and plans are to market it in Europe at later date.
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