The Royal Heart Q&A
The Royal Heart Q&A


A. Is this cut/shape patented or trademarked?


The Royal-Heart® brand is a worldwide patented and trademarked design.


B. Could you tell me something about the history of the diamond?

What was the inspiration/reason for developing this cut/shape?

Was it created by anyone in particular?

 When did the cut/shape debut?


The Royal-Heart® crafted by Hadad Diamonds, GUY HADAD holds the worldwide patent

For the ROYAL HEART® cut & design.

The technical name for these stones is the "ROYAL HEART®," based upon its shape and modifications of the traditional Heart-Shaped Brilliant Cut Diamond.

It is designed to give more fire and brilliance than the traditional heart shape.

*Headed by Guy Hadad, second generation of diamantaries

Manufacturing based on 40 years of expert manufacturing experience.

*Experience leads to innovation

Royal Heart cut   launched in Hong Kong in 2005 and currently expanding into Europe and America.


C. Please describe the physical characteristics of the stone:

Specific shape, faceting, etc.

Rough used; yield—how much waste

Color and clarity and size ranges: How small to how big—average size


Using advanced technology and precise manufacturing procedures, the Royal-Heart®, which comprises of two diamonds, features a perfect and ideal heart shape, Royal heart® diamonds are set against each other and give a larger appearance than a single heart shape of the same carat weight. We using 

Colors D-TO-J Clarity IF-TO SI.

Royal-heart® is available from sizes 4mm-10mm and larger sizes by special request.


D. Is the stone proprietary? Is it sold in jewelry or do retailers set it in their own mountings?

 What is the availability?

 Do you sell to retailers exclusive in an area. What type of retailer—high-end, mass?


The special features of the brand is that We can sale as sets of ROYAL HEART® Diamonds jewelry or to individual parts for your jeweler, Easy Assembly- This unique patent helps eliminate the problem the difficulty of assembling the heart shapes layouts.

 Availability of the goods it is by market demand no guarantee for mass production

 We are selling our goods mostly to wholesalers for high end costumers.


E. How are you marketing the cut/shape in America?

What market do you want to tap into?

What type of advertising—consumer or trade and which publications                

Is there a website?

Do you provide in-store promotional materials and marketing for retailers?

What type?


At this time we are not marketing royal heart in America.

Our goal is to market in the Far East to high end costumers.

We are advertising in number magazines world wide so as in professional diamond magazines.

We lunch our new internet site in 2005 for perception site for the brand.

Any finish goods by us will be certified. In store promotion is by the goods owner request.



F.  What makes the Royal Heart® different?


Heart shaped diamonds have always been a popular fancy cut

Royal Heart is a twist on the fancy cut –

"Everyone wants a fancy heart shaped diamond – every woman wants one and every many wants to give one. However – not every one can afford them. What Royal heart® does – is gives everyone a chance to buy one. It is a twist on the fancy cut – it makes it such a special cut.

The cut enables unique diamond jewelry designs

Added value to end- consumers and retailers

Easy to market -“When two hearts become one…” the slogan


The product is currently being marketed in cooperation with select jewelry companies in the Far East

The brand is marketed through B2B- B2C advertising

Plan to penetrate the European and American market during the next year.


G. How is the stone sold?    

Does it come with certificates?

Are there any identifying logos or laser inscriptions or other special packaging details?


The Royal heart® diamonds sold to select jewelry companies in the Far East,

 We can pervade certification.

 All Royal heart® jewelry marked with laser inscription for the logo and the diamonds Wight.


H. What is the price per carat and/or range of jewelry retail prices?

Are there any supply issues? 

Prices starting at 500$, for the commercial goods, and can be up to 300,000$ for the Royal heart® v.i.p set collocation. Depend on customer demand.

Availability of the goods it is by market demand no guarantee for mass production


I. What should buyers look for?

How would you sum up the key features and selling points?


"When two hearts become one…" the company slogan directed to all consumers, it brings them closer to fill the beauty and Glimmer and the satisfaction in a budget buying but a million dolor looks.

Royal heart® is marketed as unique patented cut, target customer that searching for traditional jewelry but fashionable enough,

 Low cost but bigger looks will make the jewelry blink to the customer how`s locking for the perfect jewel.   





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