Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day


We are pleased to announce our annual Valentines Day
Be prepared for the up coming Valentines Day  Saturday February 14, 2009  
View our Royal Heart collection of Valentine`s Day Diamond Jewelry.

Valentine’s Day was created in ancient Roman times in honor of St. Valentine, a priest who sacrificed his life for the gift of love. Today, this amorous holiday is still celebrated throughout the world by star-crossed lovers and romantics alike.

Every February the traditional gifts of candy and flowers are exchanged between couples, families and friends. However, a gift as special as a valentine should be unlike any other. Imagine this holiday was created especially for the two of you. Let her know she is the only one with a token directly from your heart to hers. Make this Valentine’s Day the holiday to change your lives forever by presenting your one and only with a diamond as unique as your bond.


Royal Heart Diamond Engagement Rings

 Engagement Rings – An engagement ring is the most memorable piece of jewelry you will ever purchase in your lifetime. Engagement rings are a symbol of faith, love, and commitment to one another.

 Valentines Day is the perfect time to propose to your loved one. Tell her just how much you love her by surprising her with a Royal Heart Diamond engagement ring.

 Royal Heart Diamond Earrings

 Diamond earrings are one of the most desired and sought after pieces of diamond jewelry to buy for you or as a gift for special occasions and celebrations. Royal heart Diamond studs are always a classic and versatile piece, favored for their subtle charm and visible beauty, complimenting the wearers face, eyes, hair and apparel. Now it`s possible to buy stunning Royal Heart diamond earrings directly from the manufacturer and have a truly special gift delivered to you or someone you would like to enchant.

 Royal heart Diamond earrings make the perfect Valentines Day gift for every age. They display class and elegance and are sure to turn a few heads.

 Royal Heart Diamond Pendants

 What is a pendant? To the average person, a pendant is a decorative piece of jewelry that focuses beauty and style.

 A center piece on the body close to the heart that symbolizes everything a person treasures.

Royal heart has designed a unique collection of diamond pendants; Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants, 2 stone diamond pendants, modern diamond pendants
Heart shaped diamonds make beautiful pendants. If your looking for a birthday, anniversary or valentine gift, this could be the one. The loving character of the diamond cut will compliment your reason for buying.
If you choose to give your loved one a pendant, just remember that it is not just a gift you’re giving them. You will be capturing a symbolic treasure in a beautiful setting, an adornment they will enjoy forever.

 Give the special lady in your life a Valentines Day gift to show your appreciation and dedication to her. A Gift she can hold close to her heart, a diamond pendant.

 Royal Heart Diamond Bracelets
There are many ways to express your love. A preferred method is to buy and give diamond gifts. Diamonds set in jewelry can cover a plethora of items; loose diamonds can be set in diamond bands (rings); or in diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and the increasing popularity and beauty of a diamond bracelet. Diamond bracelets are popular pieces of jewelry over the world throughout the ages. A bracelet can be seen made from materials such as metal, gemstones, diamonds and sometimes even stones, wood, or shells are integrated into wrist pieces.
Add a little more sparkle to Valentines Day. Give her the gift of Love in a romantic Royal Heart Diamond bracelet and watch her smile light up the room.

 "Valentines Day Comes Once a Year
     but diamonds will last an eternity"


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